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of 70,000, although the show s creators mention that the jail processes billions of inmates.

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superjail show On m and know true dirty cartoon series freedom. SuperJail is a show created by Christy Karacas and Ben Gruber, ren and stimpy ren seeks help full episode which features its reruns on Adult Swim from time-to-time. It unfortunately met its final episode on July american dad adult 20, 2014, but we re here to uphold its legacy and memory! Superjail, season show reviews Metacritic score: Superjail is an Adult Swim cartoon detailing the adventures of a rather strange and eccentric jail, its warden, and its inmates. Created by Christy Karacas, Ben Gruber, Stephen Warbrick.


With David Wain, Teddy Cohn, Christopher McCulloch, Christy Karacas. In a surreal world, a large maximum security prison, which houses thousands of dangerous inmates is run by an eccentric warden and his equally odd staff. Is an American animated television series produced by Augenblick Studios the first youtube funny cartoons for adults adults">funniest animated movies for adults season and Titmouse, Inc. The second and third season. The series follows the events that take place in an unusual prison.