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and. But the animated movie for adults isnt a revolutionary idea. Take, for instance, the long history of animated films made exclusively for adults, going all the way back to old pornographic animation.

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Whether they touch on deeper human crossdresser tube issues than kids movies dare to or they simply contain graphic content youd never see in a family-friendly Pixar production, adult -oriented animation is best animation for adults often awesome. So, here are the 10 best animated movies for adults. There is a great deal of pluralism in adult animated films, both thematically and technically. Animation directors from all around the world have rugrats adult title="8teen xxx">8teen xxx been continuously advancing the medium, experimenting with various cinematic genres, such as science fiction and fantasy, dark comedy, social drama, 8teen xxx political documentary, and even graphic horror. But some animated movies have taken things a step further. These movies prove that sometimes animation can be geared specifically to an adult audience. Here are 11 great animated movies definitely.